Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Relicom Cold Aisle Containment Australia

Our Company has been looking to solve our over heating issues in our Computer room for several months, fortunately I was put on to a company called Relicom. One of the products they carry is " Cold Aisle Containment ". I was recently down in Melbourne to have a look at one and I was surprised to see / feel how cold the "CAC" (as Relicom call it) actually was compared to the ambient air temperature in the rest of the computer room.
The aisle was made up from two rows of racks (approx 12 each side) with clear roofing and easy gliding doors at each end. After viewing the reports on temperature and power saving, I was sold. Another big plus for our company was Relicom were able to tailor the Cold Aisle to suit our various different height racks.
We are currently in the process of ordering 2x Cold Aisle Containment units for our computer room. Relicom also have a range of products to help cooling if the room does not have row's of rack..